Ukrainian Gathering Naas Parish

Published on April 10, 2022

At our most recent meeting of Naas Parish Pastoral Council on 6th April, a spontaneous decision resulted in a heart-warming experience. A moment of Welcome and Encounter. Just 48 hours later on Saturday afternoon last (9th April), the PPC hosted an afternoon for recently arrived refugees to our parish.
About 30 Ukranian nationals arrived to Ballycane Church, and over a cuppa: hospitality and information was offered and shared. More importantly, a safe space where they themselves could meet and find some measure of comfort in the chat and conversation. Those in attendance were, by and large, all women and young children with some teenage boys. The oldest, a Ukrainian lady, 94 years of age, her first time to find herself in a foreign country. A sad consequence of this war, to be displaced and forced to leave your home, your country. May God bless all who have opened their homes locally and offered welcome and safe refuge.
We continue to pray for an end to this war.
(Further gatherings to be arranged in the very near future.)