Making the most of your generosity!

Published on September 1, 2019

Firstly, I want to take the opportunity to thank all parishioners for their generosity to the Parish Finances down through the years. It is sincerely appreciated and is very significant in supporting the work and mission of the Parish.
In recent years, Parishes through the kind co-operation of their parishioners have participated in the Tax Rebate scheme. Where an individual parishioner/family make a contribution of €250 or greater in any financial year, Revenue will refund 31% of their contribution to the Parish. Provided you are happy to give the Parish your PPS number, this will then be passed on to Revenue along with the Tax Rebate claim form (CHY3).
Thank you to those parishioners who, in addition to their donation, also furnished the Parish with a completed Tax Rebate claim form (CHY3) which allowed the Parish to reclaim tax on their donated amounts.
In 2017, the Parish was able to claim back €15,945. This was possible from the contributions of a relatively small group of
parishioners who were willing to participate in the scheme. It demonstrates the enormous potential that this scheme offers! All information provided is strictly confidential.
The Tax Rebate claim form (CHY3) which covers a period of 5 years has now expired. This week, I have written to all those in the Parish with identified qualifying contributions, enclosing a new form to cover the year 2018 and the 4 subsequent tax years. It is of course possible that I have not been able to identify all qualifying contributions such as those made anonymously or by bank transfers with coded references. If you are among this group and would like to complete the Tax Refund Form, please contact the Parish Office where Sarah or Katie will be happy to assist you. Or perhaps you are just curious and would like more information, again please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office.
Finally, thank you to all parishioners of Naas Parish who continue to support our Parish in such a generous way Sunday after
Sunday. Working closely with the Finance Committee I strive to ensure that your monies are used responsibly and with accountability.
My sincere thanks!
Liam Morgan P.P