An Easter Message

At Easter, joy enters the world. Victory is won through defeat; we
are freed through a crucified Body. The world is still broken,
and still needs saving, still needs hope. In Holy Week we are invited to embrace a uniquely Christian, mystical moment of tearful joy.
Through the wood of the cross on Good Friday we saw how ‘joy entered the world’. Victory is won through apparent defeat.
Those who had deserted Jesus and fled from his dying, found the courage to return and proclaim Him as their reason for living.
So, a good way to see Resurrection as being our human capacity to persevere through and beyond tragedy. The essence of Christian hope and living.
Albert Camus wrote that, “In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”. That is the Voice of Resurrection. It is the refusal to be gripped forever by the fingers of winter. Whether we are gripped by personal circumstance that renders us immobile, an evil war that confronts us or a virus that in the previous two years kept us locked away from each other, and for far too long. If we say that we believe in the Resurrection, it means that we are choosing to be Resurrection people. Whose lives are transformed by our faith and belief in Christ Jesus. In Him new life and hope is found. Happy Easter!