Ballycane Church Choir

Bernard Hennessy - Choir Director
Phone: 087 235 2545

We sing at the 10.30am mass in Ballycane Church most Sundays. We have a great group with about 50 members. We have losts of fun, laughter and singing!   We always welcome new members, so if you can sing and would like to join the choir, please ring or text 087 235 2545 or approach the Choir after mass.

We practice 3 nights per month for one hour from mid Sept to mid May.

Do you have to attend every Sunday ? – NO
Do you have to attend every practice ? – NO
The deal is – you come when you can! We often send recordings of the harmony lines etc., through WhatApp, so you can learn at home in your own time. And we perfect at practice!

Please feel welcome to join the choir. We have an open and understanding policy and try to accommodate people in their busy schedules.