Altar Servers – OLSD and Ballycane

Trish O'Neill
Church of Our Lady and St. David, Sallins Road
Phone: 045-879730
Email: [email protected]

Any Catholic could be a server at the altar, but this ministry is especially for the youth. The ministry of altar server at Our Lady and St. David’s Church is available to any Catholic from the time of their First Holy Communion and there is no mandated ‘quitting’ age. You are welcome to stay in the Lord’s service for as long as you wish to remain. Older servers are trusted with more responsibilities than the younger ones and are also expected to help in the training of new servers. This is an excellent way for you to begin your “stewardship,” as you give the gift of your time to serve at the Altar of God.

This is an altar servers club for all Altar Servers within our Parish. This is an opportunity for those involved in Altar Serving to take time to learn about the Church they serve through activities, games food , friendship , faith and fun.  For those who have moved on to secondary school yet wish to remain in active service, we have an altar ministers group who meet separately and develop their friendship with one another through outings, films and pilgrimages. The Altar Ministers are involved in the training and mentoring of the younger Altar Servers.

If you wish to join our dedicated team of servers, please contact the Parish Office on 045 879 730.

We welcome you to this very special ministry of serving God and His people in the Parish of Naas. We thank you for answering the prompting of the Holy Spirit by wanting to take part more fully in the worship of God.

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