Ascension Sunday 24th May

Ascension Sunday with Children and Families

How do we help children  develop a deeper understanding of the importance of Ascension Sunday? Frame the events through the lenses of waiting, watching, and surprise! Children notice everything! They are always watching other people and learning from their behaviour, observing their environments, noticing what has changed, looking for interesting objects, and putting all that they see into their memories. This is an amazing power that children have, and, with the proper lens, adults can enjoy the benefits. Children also know that, many times, they must wait for things. They must wait for their turn to use a toy, wait for dinner to be ready, wait for the bus, wait to go outside, and so on. Most of the time,children do not like waiting. Many children are impulsive and want immediate gratification.

Consider the surprise of the disciples when Jesus ascended. When we talk about Jesus’ ascension, children can easily relate to the waiting involved. They disciples waited for Jesus’ resurrection, waited for understanding of the parables, and waited for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Talk to them about what it means to be surprised and also to have to wait for something.

Listen to the song on the link below

Watch the YouTube clip and explore the questions below with your child.


  • I wonder what the disciples heard when Jesus was taken into Heaven.
  • I wonder how the disciples felt when they watched Jesus ascending into Heaven.
  • I wonder what the disciples said to one another when the ascension happened.
  • I wonder how the disciples felt when Jesus said that he would not tell them when he would return to earth.
  • I wonder if the disciples wanted to do anything else besides stay in the Upper Room and pray when they waited for Holy Spirit to come.
  • I wonder what Jesus said when he was blessing the disciples as he was taken up to Heaven.
  • I wonder what surprises you have had like the disciples’ surprise when Jesus ascended.

Here’s a colouring sheet and some more activities!

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