New Direction for NaasPoint

Published on March 25, 2020

New Directions for NaasPoint?

NaasPoint which is a Parish Project has been active for almost two months, with an agenda of offering hospitality with dignity to those who attend our hospitality room. The pilot project has demonstrated a huge goodwill to work for the ideals of hospitality and dignity.

What now for NaasPoint?

Our hospitality room is no longer our focus in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we are conscious that there is still need for hospitality and for dignity-action. Those who find themselves housebound may well need that hospitality and care

What will happen now?

NaasPoint volunteers will now be available to work for those in isolation. Among the ways they might help are:

Telephone buddies: If anyone wants a daily phone call to just chat and to “check in,” some of our volunteers are available for this service.

Practical Help: Some older people or people in isolation may need practical help from grocery delivery to checking household matters (e.g. putting out bins). Again our volunteers are available.

How to contact?

Phone the Parish Office from 10.00 am to 5.00pm,

Monday to Friday (089 216 3210).