2018 Accounts for Naas Parish

Published on November 28, 2019

The accounts for the Parish of Naas have been submitted to and examined by the Diocesan Accountant and audited by the Diocesan external auditors. They form part of the Diocesan consolidated accounts submitted to the Charities Regulator. They have been approved by the Parish Finance Committee for publication in this form.

Naas Parish Finance Committee: Trevor Macnamara (Chairperson), Fr. Liam Morgan, Gerry Martin, Marion Keogh, Ciaran Murray, Chris Conway, Dn. Fergal O’Neill.

See 2018 Accounts: 

The Weekly Collections
The First Collection (the envelope collection) every week and monthly standing orders received from parishioners
support the Parish Development Fund. Income from this fund is directed to major maintenance and renovation works on both parish churches, the parochial houses and the parish centre, for example, repairs to stained glass windows, carpets and painting of all meeting rooms in Ballycane Church, repairs and insulation to Mortuary Chapel roof etc.
The Second Collection (the offertory collection) supports the day-to-day running costs of the parish, for example, salaries for parish employees, insurance, utilities, light and heat, provision of office and secretarial expenses.

Payments to Priests
The priests of the parish do not receive any payment from the Development Fund or Offertory collections. Salaries are paid from seven specific collections for priests taken at Christmas, Easter, Advent & Lenten Stations and Spring / Autumn collections. The priests rely on your generosity to these collections – thank you! At diocesan level, there is an agreement among priests that salaries throughout the diocese are equalised – all receive an equal amount. Any surplus generated in parishes goes to pay the diocesan retired priests fund. In recent years, across the diocese, there has been a reduction in the amount generated from these collections and salaries have been reduced by 12%. At present, Parish Priests receive €1,900 per month and CCs €1,750.

The Parish Lotto
The Parish Lotto continues to make a significant contribution to the finances of the parish. Started in November 2013, the Parish Lotto supplements the weekly mass collections and helped greatly to offset the loan taken out to pay for the major refurbishment works in Our Lady and St. David’s Church in 2013. We thank all who continuously support the Lotto and, in particular, our promotors. Please consider supporting the Lotto, possibly through a yearly subscription, monthly standing order or weekly €2 ticket – remember, it could be you!

Tax Refund on your Donations to Naas Parish
A leaflet explaining the tax refunds on donations is available in the parish churches and the parish office. The parish qualifies for this scheme and is entitled to claim back 45% on donations of more than €250 per year. We receive very good support from our parishioners, many of whom contribute more than €250 each year to the parish. We received approximately €20,000 in refunds for 2018 (received in Oct 2019 and which will be reflected in the 2019 Financial Statement). To take advantage of this scheme, we must be able to record donations. We would encourage you to donate in a way in which this can be achieved. The easiest way is through the weekly envelope boxes. We record donations made in this way each week and can calculate the annual contribution. Alternatively, we can record donations made by cheque or standing order. Collections for the priests also qualify. Please record your name and address on the first few envelopes you use.

Notes on the 2018 Accounts
Income: Donations and Bequests: The parish benefited from several large bequests in 2018 and a substantial grant of almost €75,000 from the Gubay Foundation, which accounts for the difference between the 2017 and 2018 figures.
Income: Other Income: The 2017 accounts included the receipt of a €60,000 bond payment due from the completion of the refurbishment works on Our Lady and St. David’s Church in 2013.
Expenditure: Wages and Salaries: The 2018 figure includes the provision of additional services throughout the parish.

Thank You

As in 2018, the continued healthy state of the Naas Parish finances is down to the generosity of so many of our
parishioners. The First Collection and Offertory Collection continue to be the biggest source of funding for the parish.
We thank you for your steadfast and consistent support of these collections – it is very much appreciated.
November 2019     Trevor Macnamara (Chairperson)     Fr. Liam Morgan (Parish Priest)