Christmas Message from Fr. Liam

Published on December 23, 2018

‘There’s something about Christmas’, so begins the heart warming radio ad for Barry’s Tea. Yes, it is true… there is something about Christmas, and Christmas is for everyone. Whether or not you believe in Jesus, you are welcome. Young or old, there is room for you at the crib. There was no room for the child Jesus and his Mother, but there is room for you! Come as you are, for the gift the child Jesus looks for is you. Come and kneel, gaze upon the scene, see in Jesus, Mary and Joseph a tenderness that reaches deep into your heart.

If yours is a hard life, if yours is a broken heart, if your lot is a huge loneliness bring it to him. Stay in silence, or allow him to soothe, to console your heart with a message of hope, a message that says you are enfolded within my loving embrace. Parish is about community, about having Jesus at the heart and center of our faith community; about welcome, love and understanding. Yes, there’s something about Christmas that
allows me to acknowledge and recognise the goodness and generosity of so many! Of you who come Sunday after Sunday in faith, of you who support our Parish so generously in its upkeep, maintenance and mission. It’s the goodness of so many volunteers, the hundreds involved in Parish Ministry, of our friendly and helpful staff, be it in our Parish offices or in our four Churches. And it’s about your kindness and generosity expressed in charitable ways, reaching out to the one who struggles. It’s about that first ‘silent night, holy night, when Christ the Saviour was born’. And there lies our hope and our future promise.

Finally, on a personal note, it is a real and blessed privilege for us as a Parish team to minister in Naas, Sallins and Two Mile House, our constant experience is one of encouragement, support and friendship. We thank you for your prayers, and your kindness expressed to us in so many ways. On behalf of my colleagues, have a Happy, Holy and Peaceful Christmas. Seán, Michael, Hilda, Alex, Fergal, Mark and Liam. (Opening paragraph above has been taken from the December Edition of the Far East Magazine)