Kandle Contact Initiative – Pilot Project Naas, Sallins and Two Mile House.

Published on May 26, 2017

On Sunday 28th May, those attending Mass will be invited to provide their email addresses to the parish so that they can receive occasional messages about Parish and Diocesan matters. Naas, Sallins and Two-Mile-House are three of the six parishes chosen to take part in a pilot project to be launched on World Communications Day 28th May 2017.


On that day Mass attendees (18+) will be invited to fill in a very short form which will be provided on church pews. Alternatively, they can sign up directly online through the Diocesan website, www.kandle.ie. They will be asked to indicate if they would like both Parish and Diocesan communications. The project aims to provide instant and targeted connection between Parishioners, Clergy, Bishop and everyone involved in church activity.

Considering that members of the public already provide their email addresses to shops and businesses as part of the modern method of communication, we would encourage all parishioners to participate in this initiative to improve communications within Parishes and the Diocese. It is not intended that parishioners will be inundated with emails, rather they will receive pertinent and interesting information from time to time.