Divine Mercy Sunday – 23rd April – Naas

Published on April 22, 2017

The feast of the Divine Mercy will be celebrated in the Church of Our lady and St David, Sallins Road at 3pm on Sunday 23rd April

Preparation for the Feast should consist of:
1. A Novena of the Chaplet of Divide Mercy commencing on Good Friday, 7th April.
2. Confession on or before the Feast.
3. Holy communion to be received on the Feast Day.
4. Acts of mercy to be performed (by deed, word or prayer) on the days prior to Feast Day.
5. Sermon by Priest on Divine Mercy on the feast day.

The message of Divine Mercy is at the heart of the Gospel; it presents the truth and the call of the Gospel and was proclaimed by our late Pope John Paul in his encyclical ‘Rich in Mercy’ as the message of our age: “The Church must consider it one of her principal duties, at every stage of history and especially in our modern age, to proclaim and to introduce into life the mystery of Divine Mercy, supremely revealed in Jesus Christ”.