Slán agus Beannacht libh go léir.

Published on May 20, 2016

At the closing of Dancing at Lughnasa as Michael casts his mind back on that Summer of 1936 he tells us that different kinds of memories come his way. I can identify with that as I cast my mind back on almost 19 years living on the Sallins Road.

My first Summer was ‘98 when the Curragh of Kildare was the song of the day and the night. I recall the collective boys of St Corban’s School singing ‘Lovely Laois’ last Tuesday……. Miracles do Happen. I am truly grateful for the times we shared, for the many different ways you have allowed and trusted me to minister with you in our three Parishes. Thank you for the doors you opened for me in the best and worst of times. For the welcome, the support, the many ways we worked, prayed, sang and broke bread together. I am humbled and affirmed by your kindness and generosity over the years and particularly in recent weeks, both public and private.

I thank my colleagues and all who are part of the team of staff and volunteers for their service and ministry, generosity of time and spirit.

I go to North Kildare truly blessed by your friendship and Christian spirit. As a friend and former colleague used to say on departure “May God be with you now when I can’t ”. John