Thank you John!

Published on May 14, 2016

This weekend we express heartfelt thanks to Fr. John Brickley. Nineteen years of dedicated and generous ministry to our parish. In that time John has touched the lives of so many people.

As we his colleagues on the Parish Team go about our daily routine, we find that the constant topic of conversation is John’s leaving. The sentiments are all pretty much the same. The kindness, the sensitivity, the human warmth of John is recalled, as yet another parishioner tells of a time when a loved one was sick, or struggling, or perhaps sadly died. Common to each recall, is a kindness that is remembered and not forgotten.

In his own quiet way and without fanfare John immersed himself totally into the life of our Town and Parish. Countless are the numbers of young people who experienced an affirming or encouraging word as they prepared for the Sacraments, or perhaps walked along the ancient pathways of Glendalough, on yet another TY School Retreat, with John as guide and fellow pilgrim. Many too are the projects and initiatives that benefited from John’s effort and attention to detail over those nineteen years. The No Name Club, Ecumenism, The Community Centre and the list could go on and on! It is the leadership given to the refurbishment of our Parish Church that gives rise to a constant chorus of approval and gratitude. A work that will be long remembered.

It is however John’s gentle way of leading people in prayer, the preparation given to breaking open Gods Word, his desire to reveal the loving, understanding and compassionate face of God, that finds a deep resonance in the hearts of so many when they think of John. When the work of the Lord was complete John enjoyed nothing more than the relaxation of a ‘sing song’ or to thread the boards of the Moat Theatre.

This weekend we salute John, we thank him for the manner of his selfless giving, the faithfulness of his ministry and the example of his ways as he walked justly, lovingly and humbly in the footsteps of the Master! Moving Parish is not easy, especially as we walk away from the familiar. John as you embark on this next chapter in your life, be assured of our prayers and best wishes. Naas’ loss is certainly Kilcocks gain.

Thank You John!